renewal of vows ceremony

What could be more romantic than a trip to Orcas Island, San Juan Island, or Lopez Island for a renewal of vows ceremony? How long ago did your lives come together? Is it your 10-year anniversary? 20? 25? 50 years of love? We are here to be of service to you to plan and execute a very romantic and fun renewal of vows weekend!  How about surprising your spouse?  Let's talk about the possibilities!

Leave your stress behind and let the beauty of the place calm our mind and relax your body. Tasty, healthy local food; rich local culture; artist' depictions of the island; fantastic local music; and simple relaxation before and after your renewal of vows.

How about just the two of you with a personalized ceremony based on your shared interests, highest values, and deep gratitude for your lives together with your renewal of vows as part of the ceremony.  

We are at your service to help with friendly local tips for recreation and travel logistics.

How can i be of service to celebrate your love?