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What are the Challenges of Getting to the Islands?

Because the San Juan Islands are not connected by a bridge to the mainland, ferry or plane reservations are needed. Guests who walk on don’t have to make reservations. There are several options for getting around without a car. There is a shuttle from mainland shuttles to the Anacortes ferry terminal.

Why Hire an Officiant?

Because of his or her expertise in crafting and delivering the ceremony. 

Why Hire Didier?

Because of a track record of highly successful ceremonies and the passion and care I put into every ceremony. Because I listen and do all I can to help couples and their guests feel at ease with their celebration. Because you're going to get a ceremony that is personalized, meaningful, insightful, and reaches the hearts of all your guests. Although the ceremony is intended for the couple, it also has a positive impact on family and friends.

On which Island Should I Get Married?

Each island has its unique natural and cultural character. They all have great venues to choose from. I can find out what your preferences are and help you decide which island would be best for you and your guests.

Do You Officiate Same Sex Weddings?

I believe love comes in many forms and that it is not up to me to decide who should get to be love. I'm hear to celebrate couples' love and unique relationship regardless of age, religion, spiritual beliefs, or gender preference.

Are You Comfortable With Traditional, Religious Weddings or Using Elements of Traditional Weddings?




What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

It reduces stress and creates success.

What are the benefits of hiring a day-of coordinator?

Whether it is a family reunion, a work picnic, a birthday party, or a wedding, a day of coordinator becomes that one go-to person for everything logistical--instead of asking you. Day of coordinators are helpful in keeping with timelines.

Why would we pay for you to coordinate experiences for our guests?

Saving you time researching and vetting, we coordinate packages you and your guests can dive into immediately, rather than figuring out what to do on the island with the limited time you're here. Convenience and fantastic island living is what we offer.

Seasonal Deals

Off-summer seasonal deals are available for shoulder season and off season rates.

How much help do you offer with design?

As much as you'd like. There are talented designers and florists on and off the island that we work with to create and execute designs.

What do you offer for special events?

As much and as little as you'd like. We can help you plan and execute your family reunion, birthday party, work picnic, or special event in the San Juan Islands. Let's talk about it as see how we can help.