"Didier curated an amazing elopement ceremony for my husband and me. We were so happy with the process from beginning to end. We both wanted something simple, yet memorable and we could not be any happier with the result. Our ceremony was incredibly special. We highly reccommend Didier for all your wedding needs. Cheers!"


Why elope to the San Juan Islands?

  • couples elope to focus on each other, cut costs, minimize logistics, and because they are inspired to have an elopement wedding in natural beauty.
  • eloping helps people splurge on the honeymoon

  • simple elopement ceremony ($175)
  • personalized elopement ceremony  ($300)

  • Witnesses: Two people sign the documents. Feel free to ask them to take photos during the ceremony.  ($50 optional donation)
  • Off season and mid-week rates available. 
  • Packages can include a photographer and/or videographer.
  • Flowers (optional)
  • Assistance with lodging and other logistics that go along with a destination elopement!

Also available:

  • tips and packages for kayaking, hiking, local culture as part of your elopement experience
  • local island goodies

"Didier did a great job communicating with us prior to our elopement and made the officiating personal to who we are as a couple. He is friendly, easy to talk to, and knows how to make the process smooth and comfortable. I highly recommend him."

Elopement Parties Thoughts to ponder


While it is alluring to focus on each other and have a romantic elopement, there is the consideration that your friends and family will be missing out. Here's a suggestion: hire a videographer (perhaps along with a photographer) so you can show the elopement ceremony at your elopement wedding party with family and friends upon your return! I can suggest the perfect videographers with whom I love to work with because they are gentle with their approach so as to not take attention from your focus on the ceremony and each other. They are also available before and after the ceremony if that is of interest to you. 

Where are the best places to elope in the San Juan Islands? Let's talk about it. 360.298.0362