Weddings on Orcas Island, San Juan Island, Lopez Island and surrounding areas are magical; a personalized ceremony, officiated calmly and comfortably with an intent to create the perfect wedding for the most important day of couples’ lives--it is truly an honor. I do everything possible to make each wedding a complete success.

Being a part of something so grand always fills me with wonder and awe. Seeing guests with open hearts and support, witnessing sharing of vows, expressions of commitment of love in front of family and friends--it’s pure joy!

I listen to couples express their core values and what they would like to include in their ceremony, weaving what is unique about their relationship and how they enjoy each other's company, so it is meaningful and personal, light and yet touches on deep themes.

When my wife, Kathryn, and I were married in the Bay Area in 1989, we postponed our honeymoon. We came to Orcas Island to honeymoon in 1995 and have been here ever since! We are best friends and have two adult children, Thaddeus (29) and Emilie (25), enjoying life here on Orcas Island–growing food, adventures in nature, kayaking, a loving community, close friends, and the gifts of all seasons.

As a husband who is now in our thirty-fifth year together, I enjoy sharing anything I can with grooms and brides that can be helpful and encouraging. 

Meeting elders, children, and honored guests who travel to the islands to witness celebrations of love is a pleasure. It's fun to witness people getting together from various parts of the world, sharing enthusiasm for the natural beauty of the islands, knowing that when they get home they will carry a slice of the islands with them in their hearts.

It is because of Francis Racey, a long-time islander, that I have the honor of officiating weddings successfully. When Francis retired after decades of weddings, he mentored me and gifted me his wonderful ceremony. The core remains, though each ceremony is unique. I love officiating weddings and being part of something with so much meaning in people's lives.

In Service and Love,

Didier Gincig, Wedding Officiant

"There may be times when it may seem more important to be right than loving. But for there to be true harmony, it is more important to be loving than right."