Didier Gincig, Wedding Officiant

“Wonderful heartfelt service. Very personalized and a joy to work with.”


What is most important for your wedding ceremony?

Careful planning and a relaxed atmosphere creates success and a stress-free, fun wedding, starting your marriage on a spectacular note. It is a pleasure when couples and guests feel relaxed knowing the ceremony will be just as they want it to be.

  • Celebrating your unique relationship with a personalized, relaxed, ceremony in the San Juan Islands (and beyond).
  • Traditional and non-traditional
  • Same sex weddings are celebrated

Doe Bay wedding Orcas Island
Didier Gincig Wedding Officiant

The Process

  • Your ceremony will be centered around what you admire and appreciate about each other, how you enjoy sharing your time, religious or spiritual beliefs, and themes that are important to you as a couple. 

  • Your ceremony will be just as you like it and will reach the hearts of all your guests. 

  • You can be involved in the creation of the ceremony as much or as little as you prefer.

Elopement Wedding  Orcas Island weddings   
Rainbow wedding
Wedding Officiant Didier Gincig


Elopement weddings in the San Juan Islands are an honor to officiate. Would you like to discuss some options? Let's talk about the ceremony and what you would like to do with your time in the San Juan Islands.

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helping you with the most important day of your life

Let Go and Know All Will Be Taken Care of On Your Wedding Day

Beyond providing a personalized ceremony that will be a keepsake for the rest of your lives, I am available to help with logistics, such as:

  • vendor referrals and site suggestions
  • local knowledge of the islands
  • recreational and local culture opportunities for your guest
  • best lodging
  • your marriage license 

We can meet by phone, Facetime, Skype, e-mails, or perhaps for coffee or a meal, maybe a walk around a mountain lake.

A rehearsal is optional. It can help everyone feel at ease and valued in their role at the wedding.

I love meeting children, elders, family, and friends, knowing how important a wedding day is in people’s lives. 

It is a happy day when guests of the wedding couple shake my hand and offer kind words of joy for the ceremony they just witnessed.

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We can assist you and your guests with:

  • value pricing for the best
  • experience for the best price
  • transportation logistics
  • flowers
  • hair stylists
  • booking massages
  • childcare
  • rehearsal dinners
  • private chef

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“When we love, the miracle happens: that which may have been motivated by selfishness and the assumption or desire that things must go just as you wish them to — that element simply steps aside, and you have another, nobler reason to exist – the happiness and well-being of your beloved.”

Mainland Weddings

If you would like to be married on the mainland, I am available for weddings in Anacortes, Mt. Vernon, La Conner, Burlington, Seattle, and surrounding Puget Sound areas. There is an extra $100-$125 cost for travel (ferries and time). 

 I am available for destination weddings out of state and can do necessary paperwork to be licensed at your destination wedding location.

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